Best Blender For Acai Bowl Reviews Of 2020 – Our 5 Picks!

Acai is an exotic fruit that little by little has been introduced into western gastronomy, mainly through smoothies and bowls. The acaí included in a weight loss diet is not food that in itself is going to lose weight. However, being low in calories, its consumption can cause satiety and not increase the energy intake in excess. 

Everyone cannot prepare acai blow because you must have a specialized blender that can blend the Acai smoothly. So, it is difficult to find a proper blender to prepare the diet. Here, we have presented the 5 best blenders for acai bowl that will meet your demand. Let’s dive into it.

Are Acai Bowls Good For Diet?

The acaí is considered a superfood, is antioxidant, rich in calcium, protein, fiber and more. It helps to keep the immune system strong and prevent cardiovascular diseases. A gem, come on. These berries, which look a lot like blueberries, are grown in Brazil and arrive dehydrated and pulverized. 


One of the advantages offered by the consumption of pure organic acai pulp is that it is a product with low energy intake because it does not contain additives. This characteristic makes it ideal when it comes to including it in the framework of a hypocaloric diet to lose weight. It is a food with low carbohydrate content and with a protein, which has a fairly complete aminogram. For this reason, Acai bowl becomes a perfect ingredient for the diet with a slimming mission.

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Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar, Grey (58910)

Cleanblend Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt

Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

GoWISE USA GW22503 Streamline High-Performance

5 Best Blender For Acai Bowl Reviews 2020

We have presented the 5 best blender for acai bowl after testing more than hundreds of blenders in the market. They are perfect for preparing Acai bowl with perfection. Let’s have a look below.

1. Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar, Grey (58910)

Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar, Grey (58910)

Jamba Appliances Blender has 2.4 HP powerful motor and blades that can run over 210 MPH so you can blend Acai quickly. The infinite speed dial and 64 oz jar help to prepare the acai bowl without any problems. Also, it can grind, chop, juice and more with proper blending.

Its parts are easily removable and the entire structure is practically unbreakable. Its 4 programmable setting mode allows you to prepare an acai bowl for everyone. So, it can be considered as the best blender for acai bowl at home.

The blender’s size is compact and can be placed under the kitchen cabinet. It has pulse control so you can adjust the blending speed as you want. Also, it comes with 150 recipes included book that helps to make more delicious dishes.

Jamba Appliances Features:

  • The 2.4 hp powerful motor rotates the blades at 210 MPH that helps to make Acai bowl perfectly.
  • The blades rotate at more than 210 MPH that can blend hard ingredients smoothly.
  • You can adjust all blending functions from the control panel and setting.
  • The recipe books included with 150 recipes so you can learn new recipes daily.
  • Its 64 oz. jar is enough for preparing acai bowl for your family and can be placed under the cabinet.

Jamba Appliances Blender provides all facilities to prepare the acai bowl.

2. Cleanblend Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base

Cleanblend Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender 1800 Watt Base

Cleanblend Commercial Blender is an 1800 watts powerful blender that allows you to make Acai bowl. It has different speed modes that help to chop, grinding pulverizing besides blending. Also, you can make soup and blend ice with it.

The blender has a large portion that helps to do commercial tasks so it could be the commercial blender for smoothies. Also, the jar of the blender is 64 oz and easy to place in the countertop. Despite its motor is powerful but make zero noise while blending.

The 8 sealed blade ensures maximum performance while preparing acai bowls. It is totally BPA free and constructed with food-grade steel so you can use it for long time. After all, it can be considered as the best blender for Acai bowl.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender Features:

  • It has 8 blades that can make acai bowls and other dishes perfectly.
  • The jar is large and BPA free so you will get poison-free blending ingredients.
  • Its size is 64 oz so you can use it for simple and commercial tasks.
  • The 1800 watts powerful motor provide noise-free operation.
  • You can blend ice, prepare sound and more besides blending.

Cleanblend Commercial Blender is a powerful and large smoothie blender.

3. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z is powerful and combo blender that can blend acai, soups, fruits, ice, butter and more. Its motor is powerful enough and comes with essential blending equipment that allows you all types of blending task.

The Nutribullet 1200 watt blender has extractor blade that is easy to twist so you can blend anything. The lids prevent the inside components from going out of the jar. All its components are made of stainless steel or BPA-free plastics.

The 3 precise speeds and pulse friction make the acai bowl tastier. It is a very resistant model and best nutribullet blender on the market. You can easily clean the blender and accessories in the dishwasher and rinse.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Features:

  • The blender has 1200 watts powerful motor that that is enough for the acai bowl and other tasks.
  • The twist blades rotate with pulse friction to ensure better blending.
  • The BPA free plastic pitcher and stainless steel provide durable performance.
  • It has 64 oz. Jar and accessories that can be used for multi-serving.
  • You can control the overall blending process from the control panel and it is easy to use.

The NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z is a combo blender that is easy to use, control and clean.

4. Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base

Ninja Master Prep QB1004 is equipped with 450 watts powerful pod that is perfect Acai bowl, food processing and more. The pulse technology ensures better control and better result. It all parts are easy to disassemble and you can blend anything you want.

It has 4 and 6 steel blades that allow us to do almost any job. At the same time, makes little noise and has several power modes that you can adjust depending on needs and the type of food you are handling. 

The blender is easy to clean in dishwasher and rinse. It comes with the jar, processor bowl, chopper bowl and other blending accessories that help to prepare Acai bowl. After all, it can be considered as the best ninja blender for smoothies.

Ninja Blender/Food Processor Features:

  • The blender has a large pitcher, a processor bowl and a powerful motor that allows you to make an Acai bowl and other blending tasks.
  • It is developed with pulse technology that provides a smooth blending experience.
  • The 450 watts pod is interchangeable and ensure noise press operation.
  • It is easy to disassemble and clean in rinse and dishwasher without any problems.
  • The dual sets of blades are combined with stacked blade technology that ensures proper blending.

Ninja Master Prep QB1004 one of the best ninja blenders in particular and of kitchen appliances in general.

5. GoWISE USA GW22503 Streamline High-Performance

GoWISE USA GW22503 Streamline High-PerformanceGoWISE USA GW22503 comes with 2 HP and 1450 watts motor that ensure smooth power to prepare acai bowl, smoothies, soup, blend fruits and more. The speed of the blender is adjustable and the pulse function allows you to control the overall blending process easily.

It has 8 blender speed that is perfect for making shakes, smoothies and more. The blades rotate at 25000 RPM that helps to chop, blend and grind anything within a short time. The silicone pad prevents the noise that comes out from the motor.

The jar is 67 ounce and has low profile bowls that are enough for a large family. It is made with BPA free Tritan plastic that ensures healthy blending. Also, it is certified and ensure stability at high speed. So, it can be considered as the best high power blender.

GoWISE USA GW22503 Features:

  • It has a powerful motor and 8 blades that allow you to make the Acai bowl, soup, smoothies, etc.
  • The pitcher is made with BPA free plastic that provides risk-free blending.
  • You can clean the blender in the dishwasher and rinse without any damage.
  • The 67 oz jar is ideal for a large family and can place it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • It is certified and provides noise-free performance with a slow start motor.

GoWISE USA GW22503 is a powerful blender that has a recipe book app that makes it handy to everyone.

What To Consider Before Buying A Blender For Acai Bowl?

Before buying the best blender for acai bowl, you have to consider some factors that will help you to choose the right blender. The aspects are presented below:

The power:

This parameter allows you to understand what speed the blades will have, influencing their cutting capacity. A blender to prepare Acai bowl will usually have to slice inconsistent foods, such as Acai fruit. The blender must have a power contained between 500 and 1500 Watts. This does not exclude the purchase of a more performing product, thanks to which you can also prepare milkshakes, velvets, soups and pesto. However, when the recommended power is exceeded, you have a blender capable of a greater number of preparations, so the carafe will not be supplied in the form of a portable bottle. 

The jar:

As we have seen previously, it can be in plastic or glass. The presence of the graduated scale is essential, very useful for the correct dosage of the ingredients. In addition, the lid or cap should also be evaluated, which should provide for the possibility of introducing food during the mixing phase.

The presence of a handle and a spout are suitable and provide good grip. As we have already seen, Acai blenders usually have a plastic jar that is BPA free.

The blades:

Acai bowl blenders usually have four blades, but a greater number in performing products is not excluded. The blades must be in food-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel prevents the blade from wearing and bending with prolonged use. Some blades are equipped with serrations, specially designed to mince certain types of ingredients better.


The functions usually consist of the presence of switches and knobs that allow you to vary the rotation speed of the blades. In the cheaper models, we talk about one or two speeds. Unlike in the more expensive blenders, we can find even ten.

The security:

Modern acai bowl blenders almost all have the interlock function, this blocks the motor from starting if the bowl or lid has not been inserted correctly. This feature is undoubtedly the best way to prevent home blender accidents, but a good product must have other precautions as well. A very wide base gives more excellent stability on the surface but even better if there are non-slip rubber feet, the handle should also be of non-slip material. Another convenience is to have a cable reel to avoid dangling wires or to take up less space.

Why Should You Buy A Blender For Acai Bowl?

Blenders make our cooking tasks more comfortable. Here, we have discussed why you should buy a blender for an acai bowl. Let’s see:

Easy to use and clean:

The blenders for Acai bowl has a general control panel that every user can use it. Within a short time, you can prepare an acai bowl without effort. They are lightweight and size is about 50 to 70 oz. so you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. Most of them are made with food-grade plastic and steel so you can disassemble the blender and clean it after blending.

Save time:

Having the right appliances for each task makes our work considerably easier and we save time in the kitchen, especially when we are in a hurry and cannot stop at all. With the blender, you can enjoy a delicious freshly acai bowl, and only for half the time that you would use with a hand juicer. Also, you can choose the speed at which you want your mixture to be processed to obtain different results.

Powerful and safe:

The blenders come with a powerful motor and high-speed blades that allow you to make the Acai bowl perfect. The runs at high RPM so you can taste better smoothies. Also, the Acai blenders are made with BPA free plastic so you can stay healthy form harmful foods. 


Besides preparing Acai bowl, you can make soup, blend ice, fruits, spices, meat, grains and more in the blender. You will not face any problems with different types of usage. 


The jar size of the Acai bowl blender is 50 to 70 ounces so you can set it anyplace in your kitchen. They are also silent so that you can use it anywhere in your house.

For these reasons, you should own a blender for an acai bowl. You can purchase anyone from our above-reviewed blenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked question about the blender for an acai bowl.

How much should I spend on a blender?

It depends on the tasks and quality of the blender. For preparing Acai bowl, you can spend up to 100 dollars for a good quality blender. You can spend more if you want more good blenders.

Are glass blenders better than plastic?

Glass blenders are looking nice, but there is a risk of break down due to accidental drop. On the other side, plastic blenders are low weight, but it must be BPA free. Both are good in different types of user’s demand.

Is a higher watt blender better?

Higher watt blenders run at high RPM and blend anything faster than the normal one. They have strong and sharp blades to ensure smooth blending. If you can afford, high watt blenders will be good for multi-tasking.

Is a 600 watt blender good?

The 600 watts blender is enough for blending grains, meats and harsh ingredients. I can declare it as a medium level blender that can do our daily tasks easily.

Final Thought

With the blenders, you can prepare the Acai bowl perfectly. We have highlighted 5 best blenders for Acai bowl and I would like to recommend Cleanblend Commercial Blender that has 1800 watts powerful motor to prepare acai bowls perfectly. Also, you can blend fruits, tough ingredients, process soups and other foods easily. 

The jar of the blender is large so that it can be used for simple to heavy usage without any problems. It is BPA free and made with food-grade steel that ensures durable performance. Also, it comes with blending accessories that make the blending tasks easier and faster.

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