Best Blender for Milkshakes Reviewed in 2021 – Top 5 Picks!

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You will find less nutrition and taste serving the shop-bought milkshakes. So if you love to enjoy a creamy and delicious milkshake once and again, a blender is something that you need to purchase overnight. But having the best blender for milkshakes is essential to fulfilling your expectation. 

In this case, you have to scrutinize the overall features and advantages of a good number of blenders. If you have less time to do so, you can stay here for just a few minutes to be acquainted with the most used and worthy blenders. Let’s look forward!

Types Of Blenders

The present market abounds in various blenders machines. Some blenders like single-serve, countertop, portable, immersion, and stick are accessible to all. We’re going to explain those excellent blender machines in a nutshell below.


Countertop blender:

The countertop blender is the first choice of the user to have great drinks in less time. It comes with high-quality motor power and sharp blades to pulverize ingredients smoothly and make nutritious milkshakes. Most of the countertop blenders are designed with an excellent food processor to make cold drinks. It includes a larger 64 OZ jar to hold many ingredients to prepare drinks for a family party.

Single-serve blender:

The bullet blenders are called a single-serve blender. This type of blender is used for having a single server drink. It holds ingredients in a bullet type container and mixes these with the sharp blades. You can keep upside down the bullet blenders and find a thoroughly unique approach to work with it. 

Immersion and stick blender:

The most notable and used blenders are the immersion and stick blenders. People across the world are desperate to utilize these blenders for the outstanding chopping blades. Besides, these blenders come with a handheld stick to deliver much comfort and safety. 

Portable blender:

The portable blenders have entered the market recently with hundreds of features and convenience. A portable blender is designed with a clear glass tube and one end screw to hold the motor. High-quality blades with a large jar make it better and more significant to all. 

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Calphalon Auto-Speed 2-Liter Blender

Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender

Homgeek Professional Blender, Countertop Blender

Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

5 Best Blenders For Milkshakes Reviews 2021

Now we’re going to cover all of our chosen blenders. You’re highly requested to stick to this section to select your prospected blender machine. 

1. Calphalon Auto-Speed 2-Liter Blender with Blend-N-Go

Calphalon Auto-Speed 2-Liter Blender with Blend-N-Go Smoothie Cup, Dark Stainless Steel

You can enjoy home-made milkshakes anytime whenever you own an all-around blender like this one. It comes with up to 1100-watt motor to deliver you a smooth mixing process with less hassle. You will have ten-speed settings and four preset programs, including milkshakes, dip, smoothie, and salsa, through this quality blender machine. Most notably, the pulse/reverse functionality will aid you most in getting your job successfully done.

All of your ingredients will be mixed up within a few seconds as it comes with dual-directional, six-point stainless steel blades. Besides, this blender includes a Blend-N-Go smoothie cup and a 2-liter capacity BPA-free Tritan jar to illuminate your drinking session. The digital interface with countdown timer makes it the best blender for milkshakes and smoothies. 

You can clean it at ease since it retains dishwasher safety. According to the mixer consistency, its auto-sensing blade speed will be adjusted to offer you the prospected blending advantages. Moreover, you will be highly benefited through its high-contrast LCD screen. No doubt it’s a good blender for smoothies; that’s why you should go for it at the first attempt.

Calphalon Auto-Speed Features:

  • This blender comes with dual-direction and stainless steel blades to offer an accurate mixing facility. 
  • It features an 1100-watt powerful motor and offers ten-speed functionality for your best comfort.
  • You will have four preset programs and pulse/reverse functionality through this blender.
  • It will give you a Blend-N-Go smoothie cup and two-liter capacity BPA-free jar.
  • The digital interface with a countdown timer and a high-contrast LCD screen will make your blending session memorable. 

2. Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender

Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender

The Oster kitchen center beehive blender has been a top pick across the world by dinting its fabulous blending performance. This quality product is engineered with stainless steel crush pro four blades to smoothly mix up all the ingredients. Moreover, it features an additional milkshakes blade, stainless steel S-blades, and 4 point design to offer you special milkshakes. 

You will have long-term blending service as it comes with the legendary all-metal drive. Most importantly, the 1000-watt motor power with three-speed levels will accelerate the process of mixing and chopping. You can utilize it to mix up vegetables, nuts, garlic, onions, fruits, etc. The 3-cup food processor jar, 1-cup mini jar, and 5-cup stainless steel milkshake jar belong to its package to impress you most.

During the blending process, it can measure and pour ingredients through its 2-ounch filter cap. You can clean it at ease as it comes with the dishwasher-safety scope. It can withstand extreme temperature change and resist scratch. From all points of view, it deserves to have your top priority. So, you can go for this one without any hesitation.

Oster BLSTBC4129 Features:

  • This blender comes with a 1000-watt motor with three-speed levels to deliver you smooth mixing.
  • The scratch-free and stainless steel 5-cup milkshake jar will deliver you a sensational drinking session. 
  • With the four-point design and stainless steel four blades, your ingredients will be pulverized within a short time. 
  • A  filter cap with markings will assist you to pour and measure ingredients.
  • It will offer you a 1-cup mini jar, 3-cup BPA-free food preprocessor jar, and dishwasher safety facility.

3. Homgeek Professional Blender, Countertop Blender 1450W

Homgeek Professional Blender, Countertop Blender 1450W, High Power Blender

For having an excellent blending performance, all the experienced users feel free to choose this quality blender. The double-layer and eight stainless steel blades offer a smooth mixing of ingredients within less time. It will meet all of your expectations as it comes with 1450W motor power. You will have four preset programs and eight-speed controls to enjoy whatever you like at any time. 

This commercial milkshake blender has double security protection so that you can keep on the blending process with extreme safety. The top metal drive design will let you utilize it for a long time with no maintenance. It retains a built-in timer so that you can monitor the process and avoid over blending. The self-cleaning function will aid you most to keep it clean after every use. 

It includes a two-liter container, a small shovel, a cookbook, a manual guide, and many more accessories to facilitate the blending process. You will have a 68 OZ professional blender jar and LCD screen to make your campaign easy to navigate. It’s regarded as the best professional blender for smoothies as it comes with BPA free and LFGB approved materials.

Homgeek Professional Blender Features:

  • This blender comes with high-quality materials and a top metal drive system to give you the best performance in blending.
  • The eight-speed variable and four preset programs will make your blending journey easy to navigate.
  • It comes with a 1450W motor and built-in timer to accelerate the mixing process.
  • To pulverize the ingredients, this blender features a double layer and eight stainless steel blades.
  • Yor will have an LCD, container, cookbook, manual guide, and many more accessories with this one.

4. Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender

Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender for shakes and smoothies

If you’re keen to have the best countertop blender for smoothies, you can pay heed to this one. This professional smoothie blender comes with a 1450W powerful motor to pulverize hard ingredients. You will have an ultra-fast blending experience through its three-layer and eight stainless steel blades. Up to ten speeds controls will make your blending journey easy to control, and the built-in pulse function will aid you in refining every single texture. 

As it comes with the top metal drive system, you can utilize it for a long time with no concern. The advanced functionality will let you grind the vegetable and fruits quickly than other traditional blenders. It will offer you the utmost safety in use since it comes with a double protection design. Moreover, the dishwasher-safety advantage will help you to wash it upside down.

It incorporates a 68OZ Tritan container, a two-liter container, a cookbook, a manual guide, and many more accessories for your betterment. You can use this blender without any hesitation since all of its materials are BPA-free and ETL approved. It has been top blender for smoothies worldwide as it is perfect for making large batches of smoothies, creamy, and frozen drinks.

Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Features:

  • This multifunctional blender comes with a 1450W powerful motor to break down all the hard ingredients.
  • You will have ten adjustable speeds control and built-in pulse function through this blender.
  • The Homgeek blender comes with three-layer and eight stainless steel blades to make the blending process faster.
  • To give you long-term service with no maintenance, this blender comes with a top metal drive system.
  • It includes two-liter containers, a 68OZ container, a manual guide, and a cookbook for your best comfort.

5. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece SetDo you desperate to purchase the best blender for milkshakes? If so, you can pick the Magic Bullet blender without any further hesitation. It will deliver you optimal performance and comfort in blending ingredients and enjoy your favorite drinks. With sharp blades and a powerful motor, it can mix, grind, blend, and whips harder ingredients effortlessly than other traditional blenders. You can control the blending process as it comes with various speed levels.

This blender’s housing is durable enough; therefore, you can utilize it for a long time with no maintenance hassle. You will have 13 pieces of blending accessories including, additional blender cups, blades, containers, recipe book, and many more with it. As it features a built-in timer function and LCD monitor; therefore, it will be easy enough to make your milkshakes. 

It can withstand instantly changed temperature and resist scratch. The dishwasher-safe attachment will give you a hassle-free cleanup facility. Most surprisingly, it will cost you less money and provide all the functionality. Considering all the features and advantages, you can pick up this best magic bullet blender to have delicious milkshakes all along.

Magic Bullet Blender Features:

  • This blender comes with 250-watt high-torque power the blend ingredients.
  • You will have the best comfort through its pulse function and LCD screen.
  • This blender can mix, grinds, whips, and blends ingredients effortlessly through sharp blades.
  • You will have some preset programs and multiple speed control through this blender.
  • It includes additional blender cups, recipe books, blades, and many more accessories.

Using A Milkshake Machine Vs. A Blender: What’s The Difference

You can enjoy milkshakes utilizing both a milkshake machine and a blender. Both machines are using widely across the world in making quality milkshakes. There are some fundamental differences between these two machines. First of all, a milkshake machine is specially designed for making tasty milkshakes. It can blend up the ingredients faster and combine components perfectly to make delicious milkshakes.

On the other hand, a blender machine is used to blend, grind, chops, and mix various ingredients. It’s not as fast as milkshakes machines in making milkshakes. Moreover, it provides less comfort and control than a milkshakes machine in blending ingredients. 

How To Make Milkshakes With Blender?

You have the best blender for milkshakes but don’t know how to make milkshakes with it. How unfair it seems? Truly having a blender will bring no favor if you’re unable to make the delicious milkshake. In this section, we’re going to break down the process of making milkshakes through a blender. 

Prepare your tools and ingredients:

Once you’ve finalized to make a milkshake, it’s essential to accumulate all the necessary ingredients. Also, you have to set the blender machine precisely to accomplish the process in order. To cool down ingredients, you can take those in a freezer for a while. You must bring out the ice cream from the freezer long ago to let it be melted. 

Place the ingredients into a blender:

After managing all the required ingredients, you have to put those carefully into the blender. Then tight on the lid of the blender and switch it on. Don’t force to add excess ingredients into the blender. It can bring a negative impact on your blender machine.

Keep blending until smooth:

To have the tasty milkshakes, you must keep blending until the ingredients become thoroughly smooth and creamy. If you think your milkshake is ready to serve, you should quit blending at once. 

Serve your milkshake after garnishing:

You can garnish your milkshake with cream, maraschino cherry, and many more stuff to have a charming presentation. Use stemmed glass and a striped paper straw to enjoy your milkshake.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a bunch of questions in mind regarding a milkshake blender machine. We’re here to reply to some frequently asked questions. You can focus on this section to gather additional information about a blender.

Are plastic blenders for milkshake a good choice?

Both the glass and plastic blenders are decorated with BPA free materials. So, you can choose the plastic blenders for enjoying a milkshake. 

What should be the minimum and maximum capacity of a blender for a milkshake?

A blender must have at least 600-watt and at best 1500 watt power capacity for making a milkshake.

How long should you blend a milkshake?

For having proper mixing, you should blend a milkshake for one minute. But you can keep blending for some additional seconds considering the condition of ingredients.

Final Recommendation

A blender machine has been an integral part of human life. You must purchase a blender to enjoy milkshakes, smoothies, and other drinks. As you’ve already checked some of the prominent blenders here, you should pick one of those without further hesitation. But if you want to have our recommendation, we would like to request you to go for the Magic Bullet Blender since it’s the best blender for milkshakes.

It will help you make milkshakes within a few minutes as it comes with a powerful motor and quality blades. Besides, the preset programs, pulse functionality, and the LCD screen will most likely have the best experience in making milkshakes. The Oster BLSTBC4129 Kitchen Center Beehive blender can mix ingredients smoothly and comes with a durable design. It can also be your best pick to get your job successfully done.

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