Best Smoothie Blender Under 100 Reviews 2021- Expert’s Guide

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You’re in the market to purchase an efficient blender machine to enjoy smoothies. But you’re not interested in spending hundreds of dollars only for a single appliance. Thus, you’re exploring the best smoothie blender under 100. It’s not a wrong decision as the present market contains plenty of affordable blenders with advanced functionality.

But it needs time and proper sense in sorting out the ideal one according to budget. If you haven’t sufficient pre-experience in dealing with a blender, you can stay here for a few minutes. We’re going to break down everything in detail to aid you in finding the cherished one. Let’s move on!

Do You Need A Special Blender To Make Smoothies?

As you love to serve smoothie often, therefore, you need a special blender at any rate. It needs to crush ice and frozen fruits to prepare smoothies. But if your blender doesn’t retain enough power to grind all those harder stuff, how do you enjoy your desired smoothies?


Only a special blender can pulverize everything precisely as it features superior power and sharper blades. Moreover, a standard blender comprises all the advanced functionality and materials to accomplish the blending job with much perfection. So, you, pointedly need to manage a quality blender to prepare smoothies.

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Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender

Blender Professional Countertop Blender

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

WantJoin Professional Blender

5 Best Smoothie Blender Under 100 Reviews 2021

It’s high time to discuss all of our chosen blender machines. You’re highly requested to stick to here to pick the prospected one.

1. Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base

You can’t choose anything else over the Ninja Professional Countertop blender as a smoothie lover as it delivers superior blending performance. This adorable blender machine comes with 1000-watts of the powerful motor to mix up ingredients out and out. The six blades assembly can accelerate the blending process greatly than other blenders. 

Moreover, it features Ninja total crushing blades to crush up ice, frozen fruits, nuts, and other harder ingredients. With the 64-ounce liquid capacity and 72-ounch professional blender jar, you can make large batches of smoothies for the whole family. The four-manual speeds will help you control it and make delicious smoothies as per your desire. 

This best smoothie blender ninja features a durable design so that you can utilize it for a long time. You will be capable of cleaning it up at ease using a damp cloth. It will leave fiber of the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients while making smoothies so that you get the highest nutrients to keep yourself healthy. Even you can purchase it at a lower price as it’s an affordable smoothie blender. 

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Features:

  • This blender comes with up to 1000 watts of motor power to deliver your accessible blending facility.
  • You can crush ice, frozen fruits, nuts, and other harder ingredients faster through its six-blade assembly.
  • The 72-ounce blender jar with 64-ounce liquid capacity will allow you to serve smoothie for the whole family.
  • This quality blender will offer you comfort in clean up than other blenders.
  • With the durable and scratch-resist design, it will let you have service for a long time.

2. Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender

RemingtonHomgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop Blender for shakes and smoothies

If you’re in pursuant of a good smoothie blender, you can go for the Homgeek Countertop blender as it comes with some advanced functionality. It will present a delicious smoothie to you, breaking down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables. Apart from the smoothie, you can enjoy juices, sauces, soup, etc. faster as it comes with 1450 watt motor power.

It can grind ingredients most precisely and smoothly with three-layer and eight stainless steel blades than other blenders. It will be your best companion in the kitchen for a long time as it comes with the top metal drive system. Besides, the double protection design with ETL approved and LAB certified materials will act in favor of your health.

To offer you a variety of textures, it incorporates up to ten adjustable speeds control. Even you can refine every texture by dint of its built-in pulse function. The dishwasher safe and self-cleaning facility pushes it in high demand surpassing all the competitors. No doubt it’s the best smoothie blender that crushes ice and comprises of a 68 oz Tritan container, a two-liter container, a cookbook, a manual guide, and a tamper.

Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Features:

  • This blender will offer you nutritious smoothies extracting vitamins and nutrients through its advanced functionality.
  • The harder three layers and eight stainless steel blades assembly can chop up ingredients more efficiently.
  • It will present you with excellent results in making smoothies by dint of the built-in pulse function.
  • Up to ten adjustable speeds control will make your blending journey easier and comfortable.
  • You will get a comfortable cleaning facility and some additional accessories through this blender machine.

3. Blender Professional Countertop Blender

Blender Professional Countertop Blender, 2000W High-Speed Smoothie Blende

You should reach out to this professional smoothie blender to have a natural taste of smoothies within less time. This blender has been the top pick for all health-conscious people as it comes with BPA free and LFGB approved materials. The combination of six stainless steel blades and 2000 watt motor power can blend ingredients most accurately. You can hope for having a sensation drinks session for the whole family as it features a 68-ounce Tritan jar.

Apart from smoothies, you can enjoy fresh juice, milkshakes, ice-cream, sauces, batters, and so on through this all-round blender machine. Since it can grind ice, nuts, frozen vegetables, and other hard ingredients at ease, it will be beneficial to you to accomplish the process with much success. The automatic timer function will aid you most to have the optimal comfort in use.

The exterior of this blender can withstand high temperatures and resist scratch. With the assembly of durable and shockproof materials, it has been adorable around the world. You can look for this best budget blender for smoothies to have ease in cleaning. After all, you can pick this blender to have an extreme facility with less investment.

Blender Professional Countertop Features:

  • This professional blender is designed with 2000 watt motor power and six stainless steel blades.
  • An automatic timer function is included so that you can preset the time as per the ingredients.
  • It can mix up harder ingredients and perfect for making fresh juice, milkshakes, ice-cream, etc.
  • You can serve smoothies for the whole family as it comes with a large professional blender jar.
  • The classic design makes it long-lasting, and the dishwater-safety makes it easy to clean up.

4. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup

With the touch of smart setting and dual direction blade technology, it’s been the powerful blender for chopping up ingredients with much precision. By purchasing this best Oster blender for smoothies, you will find the elements flowing down into the 3.5 inches wider blades swiftly to deliver you an outstanding drinks session.

This high-quality blender machine retains up to 1200 watts of motor power with up to 900 watts of ice crushing power. To provide you additional control and precision, it comes with a built-in pulse function as well. About 24-ounce smoothie cup makes it capable of holding smoothies for the whole family. To have control over the process, you will find seven speeds, including three pre-programmed settings. 

It comes with a Duralast all-metal drive system to assure you of long-term service. Even it can withstand thermal shock and resist scratch to keep itself intact. You can purchase it relatively at a lower price range. So, if you figure out to have good cheap blenders for smoothies, it should be your first choice.

Oster Blender Features:

  • This blender can grind harder ingredients effectively through the sharper blades to make smoothies within a few seconds.
  • Seven-speed settings will aid you in controlling the speed ranges as per your desire.
  • You can utilize it for a long time and clean it up at ease with less hassle.
  • It features an extra-large cup to offer smoothies for the whole family.
  • The motor power of this blender machine is up to 1200 watts.

5. WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop Blender

WantJoin Professional Blender, Countertop Blender, Kitchen BlenderNo doubt, the WantJoin professional blender is the best blender for making smoothies since it’s decorated with all the advanced features and functionalities. This blender can break the ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other hard stuff accordingly through the 2200W motor and 30000 RPM stainless steel blade to present you with well-versed smoothies.

Most impressively, you will find a variety of textures through its several speed controls. The automatic timing function will accelerate the overall process since you can preset the exact period of operation. Even there will be no failing while turning it over. The ultra-low noise facility and one-button cleaning process have made this powerful blender for smoothies praiseworthy to all. 

This blender also incorporates a motor base, manual guide, a tamper, a two-liter container with a rubber handle to assist you most in use. The compression resistance and anti-high temperature facility will allow you to utilize it for a long time. If you’re unable to spend huge money on your blender, there is nothing to worry about. You can be satisfied with this one as it’s the best smoothie blender under 100.

WantJoin Professional Blender Features:

  • This professional blender machines can blend ingredients faster through the 2200W motor power.
  • Up to 30000 RPM, stainless steel blade assembly can crush ice, frozen stuff, and nuts most precisely.
  • It features the automatic timing function and a one-button cleaning process to aid you most.
  • You will achieve a variety of textures through the multiple speed controls.
  • The durable design and some included accessories will bring much comfort to you.

How Do I Choose A Blender For A Smoothie?

Having an ideal blender machine can accommodate the overall scheme of blending to the letter. Hence, you have to be prone to manage the perfect one at any rate. But picking the right one is not easy at all; you must have in-depth knowledge about some factors to reach the targeted one. We’re going to explain some considerations below to help you our level best.

Power of motor:

To get a correct smoothie blender, it’s crucial to check out the motor’s overall power. If your chosen blender retains a maximum range of wattage, it could chop, grind, and mix ingredients most accurately. Moreover, a blender with excellent motor power can pulverize frozen fruits, ice, nuts, and some other harder stuff at ease. On the other hand, you will encounter consistent drawbacks if your purchased blender retains too low wattage to accomplish its job.

Blade assembly:

The overall blending process is vested on the blades assembly. Whenever your blender is decorated with four to six sharp blades, it could crush up ingredients with much precision. You don’t need to wait for a long time to turn the ingredients into smoothies if you own a blender with durable stainless steel blades. So, you need to pay attention to the quality and use the blades’ materials to have an instant smoothie session.

The capacity of jar:

Are you going to make a smoothie for a single serving or the whole family? The capacity of the jar entirely relies on how much smoothies you have to prepare at a time. If you’re living alone, you can be satisfied with a small jar. But if you intend to serve the whole family, you must manage a blender with at least 50-ounces of jar capacity. 

Using materials of the jar:

Another crucial consideration is the types of materials used in the jar. Typically you will find either glass or plastic pitcher in the market. A glass jar lasts long and looks charming. Moreover, a glass jar can resist scratch, crack, and stain. It also can withstand the superior temperature. On the other hand, a plastic pitcher won’t give you all those facilities. So, it will be beneficial enough if you choose a blender with a glass pitcher. 


As you’re looking for the best smoothie blender under 100, hence price range is something vital that you need to consider. There are plenty of blenders with great functionality under $100. You have to research for a while and find the actual one that best suits you. But if you afford to spend higher money, you can seek some advanced model as well.

How To Use A Smoothie Blender?

Are you going to deal with a blender machine for the very first time? If so, there is nothing to concern as a blender is always easy to use. We’re going to point out the most effortless using approaches of a blender below.

Prepare your ingredients:

Before going to initiate your blending journey, you should pile up all the necessary ingredients. For the sake of the best outcome, you have to cut the ingredients into sizable pieces. Also, you should give the frozen items enough time to be malleable. Otherwise, it will be tough enough for the blades to blend accordingly.

Mix ingredients properly into the blender:

Whenever your ingredients are ready, it’s time to mix those up properly. You must be a master of mixing the ingredients as you’re often doing the same task. To get everything well, you have to add the lightest ingredients first into the blender. Then you can proceed with adding the harder stuff to assist the blender’s motor in moving spontaneously. 

Use the pulse feature:

After pressing the start button, you will continuously discover the harder ingredients are being stuck in the blender. And the operation of the motor and blades are going down. To prevent this occurrence, you must reach out to the built-in pulse function at once. The pulse function will resist the stuff getting stuck in the blender.

Use the tamper of your blender:

If you find the motor has stopped functioning, you need to utilize the tamper to bring everything in order back. There is a durable tamper at the uppermost part of the blender. You need to know how to use it precisely to move ingredients while the motor is running. Whenever you are the master of applying a tamper, you could overcome all the forthcoming difficulties at ease.

Enjoy your smoothies:

It needs a single minute to prepare smoothies through a blender machine if everything works well. You can switch the blender off, leaving the prospected texture in the smoothies. And finally, you’re free to enjoy your smoothies after garnishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we’re going to reply to some frequently asked questions. To know more about a blender machine, you need to be attentive in this section.

Are smoothie blenders good?

The smoothie blenders come with versatility and durable design. These are always good for smoothie enthusiasts.

How long should you blend a smoothie for?

In general, it took only one minute to prepare smoothies through a blender. You can aim for blending one to two minutes minimum to enjoy nutritious smoothies.

How many watts does a blender need to make smoothies?

If you love to enjoy smoothies several times a week, your blender must have at least 600 watts of motor capacity.

Final Thought

A blender is essential kitchenware. You can’t think of enjoying delicious smoothies, juice, milkshakes, and other drinks unless you own a standard blender machine. However, if you’ve finalized to purchase a cheap blender, you can pick one from our collection. We feel free to recommend you go for the WantJoin Professional Blender as it’s the best smoothie blender under 100.

This affordable blender accumulates the highest motor power and excellent blade assembly to crush ingredients. Also, it will bring much comfort to you in both washing and handling. The Homgeek, 1450W CACAGOO Countertop blender will also suit you most as it comes with great functionality.

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