Can Ninja Blender Grind Coffee Beans?

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Coffee has turned out as the most favored drink in the recent past in the world. However, the preparation process of this drink is the biggest issue. Coffee is prepared from the coffee beans. It has gained popularity, almost replacing the common brewed tea due to its fantastic flavor and test at large.

Can ninja blender grind coffee beans? Most people owning these machines have yearned to know whether these appliances can help them perform this extra task. But then, they haven’t still gotten a clear hint about this. For people who lack an idea about this, worry less; you are on the right platform. This article will answer whether ninja blenders can grind coffee beans and how they grind them.

Can Ninja Blender Grind Coffee Beans?

So, can ninja blender grind coffee beans? Yes, this kitchen appliance grinds coffee beans to the level of fineness you need. These machines are designed with pulse settings that enable them to pulverize almost everything. The only task you will have is measuring the right portions of coffee beans to grind. You will also allow the beans to pulse until they reach the consistency you need.


You will pulse and pulse over a certain period, and everything shall be ok. Get the ninja blender ready, set the appliance in a power source, and allow it to grind. It will take you just 12 pulses, and everything will be complete and ready to brew. You will enjoy the aroma of the freshly broken coffee beans as you pour them from the blender into the basket.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with a Blender?

We have learned that the ninja blenders can grind coffee beans. But then, how do you grind them? Let’s keep on reading this article to get a hint of how everything is accomplished.


Step One: Have the Machine Ready for this Job

Before you embark on this project, you should prepare the blender ready to grind the beans. Preparation entails cleaning it and has it completely dry before you pour the coffee beans in it.

Moreover, have a look at the connections of your ninja blender. This will prevent any form of interruptions that might cause injuries or even grind the beans poorly. For this reason, always ensure to carry out prior preparations for the blender to work out effectively all through the grinding process.

Step Two: Determine the Kind of Texture You Need to Obtain

After ensuring everything is ready for the task, the next thing you should think about is the kind of text you need to have. But still, you will continue with the grinding process as you think about it.

However, this might not be a good idea. There is a need to know the kind of texture you want before you start the grinding process. This will help you to achieve the accurate texture you need at the end. Therefore, before you turn the blender on, ensure you have already determined the consistency or texture you need.

Step Three: The Pulse Grinding Process

This is where you need to be extra careful. You should not grind all the beans once since they might form lumps. You might also achieve the consistency you need from it. Besides this, it is also not a good thing for your blender as such.

You will grind a small number of coffee beans at a time. Put a small amount and start to pulse grind. Pulse grinding is a crucial step since it helps to crush the coffee beans evenly and adequately. But then, what does this we are referring to as pulse grinding?

Pulse grinding is a technique whereby you allow your blender to rest before you restart it again to grind the beans. Pulse grinding should be done in short intervals if you deem to get the best from your machine. At these rest intervals, you are required to stir the coffee beans a little bit to enable you to achieve fine consistency.

Step Four: Grind Until You get the Fineness You Need

You will continue with the pulse grinding process until everything turns to the required fineness. Throughout this period, you will stay extra patient as you keep an eye on the mixture.

During the grinding process, stirring is a necessary process. This enables you to achieve an even texture in the mixture. You will use a dry spatula to stir the contents throughout to achieve an even consistency.

Step Five: Clean Your Ninja Blender

Once you have completed the grinding process, pour the contents into the coffee pot’s basket, and clean the blender. Cleaning the blender prevents it from getting rusty over time. For efficient cleaning, you will separate all the parts of the blender and wash them separately. Clean the blades, the jar, the base, and every part of the blender. After cleaning the parts, allow them to dry before storing or fix them up, waiting to use it in the future.

Advantages of Grinding Coffee Beans Through a Blender

Grinding coffee beans using a blender has a lot of advantages at large. Some of these advantages include;

Advantages of Grinding Coffee Beans Through a Blender

  • Blenders have more space to enable you to grind large coffee batches
  • They provide required consistency levels
  • Grinding is faster than when using other appliances.

Disadvantages of Grinding Coffee Beans Through a Blender

Even though there are many advantages of employing this kitchen appliance to carry out the grinding task, the process comes with a disadvantage. This includes:

  • Grinding large coffee batches causes a build-up of heat

Final Word

Can ninja blender grind coffee beans? The project has given us all the information regarding this kitchen appliance in broad. The Ninja blenders can grind coffee beans effectively to provide you with what you need. However, you should always adhere to the user precautions during the grinding process. Therefore, avoid wasting money to buy fancy appliances to grind coffee beans. Use your ninja blender, and you will do everything as any other coffee grinder in the market.

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