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Have you ever wanted to bake a cake only to find out you don’t have a mixer? Maybe you lent it to someone, or yours just stopped working, and you need to make the cake. We have all found ourselves in such a situation before. Looking around your kitchen, you spot the blender. So now the question arises, can you use a blender instead of a mixer?

They all perform the same duties, mixing, right? What’s to stop you? You can use a blender to prepare your cake batter. There is a caution, however. You have to be very careful when using a blender because it has more requirements than the mixer.

I will give you some pointers to help you know how you can use a blender when you can’t find a mixer nearby. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your question and save your baking too!

Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Mixer?

The blender comes in handy when it is time to mix cake batter if you don’t have a mixer or can’t find yours. However, as with everything, using a blender instead of a mixer comes with a few rules of its own. 

Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Mixer?

You have to be careful so that you don’t overmix the batter. This happens when you activate too much gluten. An overmixed batter will result in a tough cake that is also chewy, not desirable. You have to mix the batter following an order. This method will help you get the same results as you would with a hand or stand mixer.

Put Wet Ingredients First:

Wet ingredients are all the wet things you use when mixing cake batter. Since the blender works well with liquids, starting with the wet ingredients will ensure you won’t overload the blender.

Put in your eggs, milk or water, oil, and the other wet ingredients. If you are going to use butter or shortening instead of oil, you might want to hold off putting them first. They can cause the mixture to clump together as they don’t mix well with liquids.

Make sure you heat the butter and shortening first before using it. Heat and set them aside. Also, you should remember to use the blender on a low pulse until the ingredients combine completely.

Follow with The Dry Ingredients:

The dry ingredients include cocoa powder, baking powder or baking soda, and whatever else suits your fancy. After the wet ingredients combine completely, you can now add in your dry ingredients. Make sure to add them bit by bit because you don’t want to overwhelm the blender.

Pulse the blender at a moderate setting to distribute the dry ingredients evenly. Do not add the butter or shortening yet, though. If your recipe calls for chocolate chips, add them after you blend the dry ingredients. 

Follow with The Flour and Butter:

Once you have all the basics down and evenly distributed, you can then add the flour. This is also the stage where you can add the softened shortening or butter. Pulse the blender on a low setting at 1-second intervals.

You might want to add the flour in bit by bit and let it mix it until it becomes smooth before adding more flour. However, if you think your blender can handle it, you can add at least half the flour at a go and add in the rest after a smooth batter forms.

Another crucial point to remember is that you should not overmix the batter. Once you see that there is a smooth consistency, stop the blender. Nobody wants to eat a tough, chewy cake, after all.

Let the batter rest for about 10 minutes. This step allows for all the air bubbles to dissipate so you can get a smooth cake. When there are no more bubbles, you can now pour the batter into your pan and proceed with the baking process.

Why Can’t I Use a Blender Instead of a Mixer?

While this procedure answers the question can you use a blender instead of a mixer, I would like to point out that there are some restrictions on it. As mentioned above, some are not overwhelming the blender, getting the right consistency, and not overmixing the batter.

If these steps seem too hard, you can always use a whisk or a wooden or rubber spatula for the mixing.

I would also like to point out that you can use a blender for more than just making the cake batter. You can use it to fluff the egg whites, make cookies, mix the wet ingredients only, and many other applications you would normally use a mixer for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a blender the same as a mixer?

No, a blender is not the same as a mixer. One of the key differences is that a blender is for chopping food items into smaller bits or dissolving solid food items into liquids while a mixer is used for, to put it simply, mixing.

Can I use a blender instead of a mixer for cookies?

Yes. You can indeed use a blender instead of a mixer for cookies. You might need to mix some of the cookie dough aside, but you can use the blender for mixing the wet ingredients.

Can you use a blender instead of a mixer for cheesecake?

Again, the answer is yes. When using a blender for cheesecake, you will have to add the cream cheese, eggs, sugar, milk, and flour into a blender. Mix it on high for about 3 minutes until you get a perfect consistency, and you are good to go.

Final Thought

The age-old question; can you use a blender instead of a mixer is answered today. The verdict is: yes, you can. All you need to do is follow the correct proceeding. Start with the wet ingredients, follow them up with the dry ingredients, and finally put in the flour and butter if you are using it.

Remember to be careful when using the blender because you want to get a smooth and soft cake. Do not overmix it; mix until just combined, and you will get the best cake of your life even without a mixer.

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