What’s the Difference Between Immersion Blender and Hand Blender? Know All Details

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An immersion blender and a hand blender seem to be similar yet have subtle differences. The immersion blender is the handheld wireless equipment to make your kitchen tasks effortless. It gives you the instant result of blending and even chopping frozen fruits. On the contrary, the hand blender is an electric device with more facilities in it and gives you more flexibility in most cases.

In this article, you will know the difference between immersion blender and hand blender. You will also be familiar with the working abilities of both the devices and the differences they have compared to each other. Also, you will have the notion of using the devices for the most suitable purpose.

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The following table of content will help you conceive the notion to know the difference between immersion blender and hand blender-

Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is a user-friendly handheld tool for every kitchen there is. It has an electric motor with spinning blades. This is also called a mini blender, wand blender, and stick blender. You can use it for a whole bunch of different kitchen tasks.

Immersion Blender

It allows you to make a puree veggie, smoothie, whipped cream, or chop frozen food at home. This makes daily Kitchen work easy. It comes with a hand wand and a bucket or canister.

For getting started you just need to attach the detachable wand and turn it on. You can place it in the pot or canister you want to make the puree. If you want to chop your frozen fruits then you are welcome to use the device.

It gives you a smooth result and instant puree. It is more likely to be a Battery Operated Blender. You do not have to plug it into any power outlet, no need for electricity. It is fully intact with flexibility.

Hand Blender

A hand blender or hand mixer is the device that is used to mix food items rather than turning them into liquids. It has multiple blades attached and an electric wire to be plugged into the power outlet.

Hand Blender

It is larger than an immersion blender and powerful too. You are allowed to determine the speed you want for a particular item. It mixes the items be they wet or dry.

The watery items are forbidden to be mixed with it. You can use it to beat eggs, create icing, make whipped cream and combine batters. The mixer or blender will not turn your food into puree or liquids that the immersion blender does.

Difference Between Immersion Blender and Hand Blender

Although these two devices sometimes get confused to be one, they are two distinct gadgets. The features and functions are distinct. While the hand blender comes with an electric wire and multiple blade attachments, the immersion blender comes with other facilities.

Both are easy-going kitchen gadgets that can boost up your work and reduce your effort. But before purchasing one you have to know the actual features and functions. Otherwise, you will tend to mess up between the two. There are some restrictions in using the products.

Here, the differences are bullet-pointed below to help you find the better one for yourself. These will assist you towards breaking the myth that both the products are the same and they function in the same way. The differences are as follows,


For urban dwellers, it is hard to use large or heavy kitchen gadgets. Even though a hand blender or a stand blender is small in size, it accommodates a certain place with its attachments in your kitchen. On the contrary, the immersion blenders are wand-like gadgets that fit anywhere and everywhere as these are wireless.

Electricity Consumption

The hand blenders are electric tools. They are to be plugged into a socket for functioning. However, the immersion blenders are wireless, they do not consume your electricity.


An immersion blender is a lightweight piece of equipment. You can move it anywhere you wish to. Though the hand blenders are also the lighter ones, in comparison to the immersion blenders these are a bit heavier.


A hand blender is used for creating icing, combining batters, cocktails, and making whipped cream. However, an immersion blender is best for puree veggies for soup, smoothies, and sauces. The immersion blenders blend the food items into liquids or smoothies but the hand blender does not do this way.

Food Criteria

A hand blender can be used for dry and wet food items. But you can not use a hand blender for any hot or liquid items. Moreover, you are allowed to use an immersion blender for anything and everything. You can put it on the pan on the stove to prepare the pasta sauce or chop the frozen fruits.


You can move the immersion blender here and there easily but it is often hard to move the hand blender as it is plugged in the outlet or sockets. You can not change the blade in an immersion blender as it is fixed inside the attachment. But you can change the blades in a hand blender and adjust the speed level.

People often get bewildered about which one to use. They think the products can substitute for each other. But it is not the right choice. Both the tools are different in their usage. The flexibility an immersion blender can provide, the hand blender can not.

Furthermore, which features and additional attachment a hand blender has, an immersion blender does not. In some cases, the immersion blender is better and in some cases, the hand blender is better.

You may compare them by looking at the differences mentioned above to get a clear picture in your head. Well, these are some differences that will help you differentiate between the immersion blender and the hand blender.

Final Thought

Both the immersion blender and hand blender have their respective values. Though the work of both the equipment is kind of identical they do have subtle differences too. The difference between immersion blender and hand blender will let you differentiate between the products and know the exact usage of both devices.

The article has presented the concept of the exact usage of both kitchen-friendly gadgets. It conveys the knowledge of the different features and functions of both tools. After skimming the article you will certainly get out of the myth that an immersion blender and a hand blender are the same.

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