Food Processor Vs Blender – Differences With Pros and Cons

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Living a healthy life entails consuming nutritious meals. This can only be achieved if you have the right kitchen appliances to enable you to make the right meals straight from your kitchen. The battle comes down to the food processor vs blender. Which one would you choose for your everyday meals?

Inasmuch as the two are kitchen appliances, they have their own differences and similarities. The best part about a blender and food processor is they both function to minimize the kitchen workload. By using them, the preparation of food is made easier. However, because you can’t use them both, you need to research to know which between the two you would prefer according to your needs.

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Food Processor Vs Blender: What’s The Differences?

If you’re confused between the food processor & blender and want to know which one is best? Then you should know what the things that make them different are. Below in this section, I’m going to show you some differences between a food processor vs blender. 


Saving Your Time:

  • Food processor – It cuts down on food preparation time. If you are hosting many friends or having a large family, a food processor would work best, enabling you to take little time preparing meals.
  • Blender – It can also save you time but can only cater to a few people because of its minimal capacity. 


  • Food processor – It comes in quite expensive though the price is worth it because of its multiple functionalities.  A food processor can cost from $40 up to $800.
  • Blender – A blender is not much expensive & that is the reason many people can afford it. Its minimal price is $20, and the cost can go up to $600 depending on the model of the blender and its features.

Motor Speed & Power:

  • Food processor – The motor speed and power of a food processor is standard. It is not as strong as a blender. 
  • Blender – The blades of a blender usually spins quite fast thanks to its high-speed motor that is extremely powerful. This is the reason why blenders are used in achieving a smooth texture in liquids and foods.  The most powerful blender ensures that all your ingredients are correctly pureed thanks to its robust motor that makes the blades spin powerfully. Power and speed are the two main features that make a blender stand out.


  • The food processor comes with a chopping blade, a shredding disc, and a slicing disc meant for chopping and fine cuts. The food processor also comes with an S blade, which is quite sharp to aid in food preparation, making it shorter. The blade is extremely useful for it can be used for different tasks such as shredding, grating, among others.
  • Blender – The blades of a blender are designed for crushing and not necessarily chopping. The blade is usually joined to guarantee that foods present at the base receive the required action. Note that the blender is equipped with only one blade, which is usually assembled at the base. 

Easy To Clean:

  • Food processor – It may not be so easy to clean the food processor; the task is quite draining. This is because it comes with many pieces and a number of sharp blades. When cleaning, you have to pay proper attention to prevent getting injured. You may end up taking a lot of time when cleaning a food processor because the main focus is your safety.


  • Blender – You will enjoy cleaning a blender, for it is not as tasking as cleaning a food processor. It is easy to clean blender because all you have to do is clean the jar and the blade, which you do so by detaching. You then clean using warm soapy water and a soft sponge. The base is cleaned separately without soaking in water because of the electrical components that can pose a danger. Alternatively, you can choose for the blender to self-clean without your supervision. easy to clean blender

Noise Intensity:

  • Food processor – You cannot find a completely quiet food processor. However, the noise is not as high as the blenders, for it can be lessened to enable you to continue preparing your meal peacefully. The best part is finding some food processors designed for minimal noise levels, thanks to technology improvement. However, a quiet processor comes in at a considerably high price, but it is worth sacrificing such an amount for peace and quiet in your kitchen. 
  • Blender – The noise intensity of a blender is crazy high. This is due to the spinning blades working at high speed to smoothen solids into liquids fast. If you are using high power, the noise will be much louder. The blender that is known to be quiet is the Blendtec Pro, which is extremely expensive. It is best used for commercial purposes.

When to Use:

  • Food processor – If you are preparing foods that will be solid, use a food processor. It processes ingredients meant for dry foods. A high power food processor can slice, chop, grate, and shred food perfectly using its components.  
  • Blender – It is most ideal when making foods that need to be liquidized. This means if you are thinking of making a smoothie, milkshake, or cocktail, go for the blender, for it will deliver a smooth texture.


  • This is an all-rounded kitchen appliance composed of a large work bowl, discs, switching blades, and a blade resembling the S shape. It also comes with pulse function and works at different speeds.
  • Blender – It is made up of a lid, jar, X shaped blades placed on the bottom and a base. Some blenders come with go cups meant for smoothies.

Frequently Asked Question

When you’re reading this article, there will be some questions that arise in your curious mind. Below in this section, I will include some questions & answers that people want to know about a blender & food processor. 

Is a food processor the same as a blender?    

Not necessarily because a  budget blender for frozen fruit smoothies is designed for liquids making it responsible for milkshakes and smoothies. On the other hand, a food processor involves laborious tasks like kneading, chopping, slicing, and shredding foods. 

Can you use a blender as a food processor?    

You can use a blender as a food processor if you work concentrating on smaller batches only. Even though there are tasks a blender cannot perform as a food processor, you can still use it for the other functions during food preparation.

Can you use a Vitamix as a food processor?      

Why not!  There are some food processor tasks that a Vitamix can perform incredibly well, such as mixing and chopping. You should, however, avoid any form of slicing.

Final Verdict

The theory between food processor vs blender may make the two seem similar when, in the real sense, they come with incredible structural differences. When you choose to invest in the most powerful food processor, you will reap great benefits because you will shorten your meal preparation.

With a high-quality blender, you get to enjoy your once sold foods, all liquified and with a smooth texture. If you are a lover of milkshakes and smoothies, a blender will offer you remarkable results. Choosing between a food processor and blender is not easy. What you should be keen about is selecting the one that will cover your kitchen needs.

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