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Ninja blenders are notable and reliable kitchen appliances in our homes. They are durable and powerful to carry out most blending duties efficiently. For these appliances to continue serving you effectively there is a need to maintain them properly.

Among the best ways of maintaining the ninja blenders is ensuring you clean them regularly. This article will guide you how to clean a ninja blender? We will also have a look at the ninja blender’s cleaning and safety tips.

What You Need to Clean Your Ninja Blender

Experts have put down into detail several methods of cleaning the Ninja blenders. This way, you will require equipment that will get you through the cleaning process successfully. If you are a first-timer, below are a few ninja blender cleaning necessities you might need to accomplish this task.


  • A sponge or dishrag
  • The dish soap cleanser
  • Warm water

Other optional things you require include;

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar

These are the essential things you should gather to enable you to complete the cleaning process. The best part about cleaning the ninja blenders is that there are no special tools required to complete the task.

How to Clean a Ninja Blender? (Step-by-Step Guide)

All ninja blender owners should ensure they wash their appliances regularly to maintain their quality. Most ninja blenders come with cleaning manuals. The manuals entail the cleaning method that suits the appliance. Here are expert ninja blender cleaning steps that will help blender owners clean their appliances flawlessly.


Ensure You Rinse the Blender First:

Rinsing the ninja blender is the starting point of this project. Use warm water and fill the blender halfway and add some drops of dish detergent into it . Turn it on and adjust the blender to low settings and let it blend for about one minute. Rinsing the blender helps remove the stains stuck on the lid and thus makes the cleaning process easy.

Remove Tough Stains:

The dish soap cannot remove tough traces of stains. In this case, you can use lemon to get rid of them. Besides, it is always recommended to use warm water to clean the Ninja blender components. Put water into the blender halfway in it, add dish wash detergent and chopped lemon. Turn it on and blend for a minute to get rid of all stuck stains.

Unplug the Blender and Disassemble the Parts:

Unplug your appliance from the power source and disassemble the parts carefully. There are sharp parts, and therefore you need to disassemble everything carefully to avoid cuts. The user manual can guide you by dismantling the ninja blender correctly to avoid damaging the parts.

Cleaning the Ninja Blender Jar:

Use a sponge or dish rag with warm water to clean the blender jar. Ensure you clean it thoroughly to remove all dirt and residues that were left behind. If there are traces of tough stains, this is where the usage of baking soda and vinegar comes in.

Soak the parts in the mixture of baking soda and vinegar for two hours before you start to clean it. Use a dishrag and clean, warm water to clean the blender jar’s base and outer side. Complete the process by rinsing it using clean water of a running tap.

Cleaning the Smaller Parts of the Blender:

Other parts, such as the blades, gasket latch, cutting edge, and the container base, should also be cleaned. Use a dishrag and warm soapy water to remove all forms of dirt attached to these surfaces. Ensure you are extra careful when cleaning the sharp blades to avoid cuts. You can unscrew the blades for easy and thorough cleaning. Rinse them also with clean tap running water.

Allow the Parts to Dry:

After you have cleaned all the parts of your blender, it is now time to allow them to dry up before reassembling them. Place all the parts separately in a drying rack to enable them to air dry. Moisture might create a conducive breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore there is a need to ensure all parts are dry up completely.

Wipe the Base of Your Blender:

Everything should be completely dry before storing or reassembling. The base is a crucial component of the blender. It houses the motor that powers the appliance and the entire control system. This is a sensitive part, and you should never soak it in water since the parts in it will be damaged when exposed to water.

For the base, soak a clean cloth or towel in warm soapy water and gently wipe the base. This will clean off all forms of spills and food materials attached to it. Don’t forget to pay attention to the blender’s edges and corners since this is where most food and other spills tend to hide.

Store or Reassemble the Parts for Use:

Ensure the parts are dry before you can reassemble or store them. Everything is right and ready to prepare a delicious smoothie.

Ninja Blender Cleaning and Safety Tips

Several safety measures should be adhered to when cleaning the ninja blenders. They include:


  • Handle the blades carefully when washing them to avoid injuries.
  • Ensure you unplug the blender from the power source before you start to disassemble and clean the parts.
  • The base houses the entire control system and the motor; therefore, never dip it in water.
  • Ensure the parts are completely dry before you store or reassemble them.


Have you understood how to clean a ninja blender? These are easy to follow steps that will guide newbies to clean these appliances smoothly. You need to gather all the cleaning necessities and follow these expert clean tips to accomplish the task.

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