How to Fix a Blender That Won’t Turn On?

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A kitchen blender is an essential tool that we use to mash something or to make delicious juice. It’s the most important daily machine that makes our busy lifestyle more comfortable and easy. But the problem has occurred while it doesn’t work all of a sudden. If the blender has stopped working, then there could be many causes for it.

However, sometimes the excessive use of it may have shown some problems like machine error, didn’t blend well, etc. So, you may now ask me about how to fix a blender that won’t turn on. Follow these steps and tips for fixing it initially and believe me; you won’t face any trouble then.

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Common Blender Problems

The problem of a blender is a common issue, and most of the time, you can fix it at home. But before learning how to fix a blender that won’t turn on, check out these common blender problems.

Common Blender Problems

  • Blender was broken or continuing to make a sound while you want to start it,
  • If your blender shaft become jammed,
  • When the switch of the blender is not working
  • Check the motor body; sometimes, the damage may occur from its motor.
  • Sometimes the multi-speed switch doesn’t work.
  • Most of the blender’s motors become overheated for excessive uses, etc.

How to Fix a Blender That Won’t Turn On?

Before fixing it, find out which types of problems your blender has? Most people seek help from service holders to eradicate the problems. If you don’t want to hire any experts, then solve these issues at home by following these steps.

How to Fix a Blender That Won't Turn On?

I’ll attach only three methods that most of the blender problems have included by their users. Food or juice blenders have included servicing a multi-speed switch, replacing the blender fuse, servicing the motor, or tightening the drive stud of the blender. If you want, you can service blade assembly, which may damage your unconsciousness. Let us have a vivid discussion on three simple methods.

  • Services Your Blender motor if it is damaged.
  • Replace the damaged blender fuse with a tester.
  • Service the blender blade assembles if it won’t turn on.

Method 1: Service Your Blender Motor If It Becomes Damaged

The motor of a blender withstands or ruins for many years of use. It’ll be great trouble for you if you need to replace it. It may be less expensive to buy a new blender instead of replacing the motor. Motor operation is easy to do. The reason is most of the motors have a circuit that was running from the blender cord. It also has multi-speed controls, an ohmmeter, an upward and a backward cord. To replace it, follow these steps:

Service Your Blender Motor If It Becomes Damaged

Step 1:  First of all, place a blender probe on each cord. Then move on to the next task.

Step 2: Select the speed control switch of the blender and turn the speed controller slightly. Then read the resistance of the meter that attaches to the blender.

Step 3: This is the final task of this stage. You’ll find out the problem on the motor by this task rationally. Rotate or unscrew the druv or nuts of the blender clockwise. Then read out the meter resistance in ohms. If it changes, your motor needs services. But frequently, changes will remind you to buy a new blender at home. Or, buy a new appliance or motors depending on your budget.

Method 2:  Replace the Destroyed Blender Fuse By This One Test

The blender fuse is an in-line fuse that protects your motor from overload. If the extreme current is sent to the motor, the fuse will blow or be destroyed easily. To define how to test out the damaged blender fuse and fix it, follow these steps:

Replace the Destroyed Blender Fuse By This One Test

Step 1: Remove the blender base first. Then find out the fuse in the wire from the multi-speed switch. You’ll also find out the switch attaches with a motor.

Step 2: Disconnect your blender wire. It’s quite easy to test the blender fuse with a screwdriver or a tester. After removing the wire, check out the fuse with a tester or a mini tester. If you find that the circuit is open, the fuse is totally blown. If you, fortunately, find that your circuit is close, the fuse is okay.

Step 3: Finally, replace the damaged fuse with a tester or a screwdriver. You can buy separate parts of the fuse on Amazon. And replace the old one with a new one.

Method 3:  Check Out the Blade Assembly If It Won’t Turn on

The blade assembly is a kind of a blender machine. The blender blade assembly is easy in function. It is attached by the drive stud in which blends or chops fruits or foods within the jar. The most common problem occurs by the leakages. To check out the blade assembly, follow these steps:

Check out the Blade Assembly If It Won’t Turn on

Step 1: Tighten the blender base if you notice any liquid fall or break out. Sometimes the blender junks will block the blender to turn on.

Step 2: Check the drive stud if it is turning on or off. If you find the drive stud doesn’t circulate as the blade, turn out the socket from the metal drive studs.

Step 3: If your blender didn’t switch to on, you should turn out the blade, assemble and remove debris from there. If you find any heavy junks or blade damage, consider buying a new appliance or tool.

Simple Maintenance Tips For Blender

Simple Maintenance Tips For Blender

  • You need to maintain some simple tips for your blender. You should note these tips to increase your blender life.
  • Do not over-fulfill your blender with food or beverages; it may damage your blender,
  • Always turn out the blender wire after using it,
  • Never clean or wash your blender with running water,
  • Fill the blender jar with a half of water and a liquid dishwasher and shake it well for cleaning it,
  • Do not over-tighten the base of the blender.


A blender is an electric machine that will mash up the solid food into a good mixture of juices. But it won’t give you a perfect result if you fail to maintain it properly. The good quality products will give you long-time services as you can check these perfect blenders and appliances on amazon.

These are the Hamilton Bleach power blender & Ninja Blender Motor Base. Now, the task of how to fix a blender that won’t turn on is easy and handy. Just follow these above tips and find out the problem that your blender has. Fix out the problem and then think about the solutions.


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