How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? [2021]

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If you have a ninja blender, you have to do regular maintenance. The blades can be blunt due to consistent use. You must keep the blade sharp to find a fast and smooth blending opportunity. How to sharpen ninja blender blades? There are some tactics for keeping the blades sharp without reaching out to the manufacturer.

It seems a risky task to perform for everyone. But you can accomplish it without any worry by following some steps. We will cover this topic in detail here. Hence you should stick to us till the end to grab this skill. If you skip any of the given steps, you couldn’t carry out the overall process.

How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades?

You must maintain your blender to utilize it for a long time. No need to contact the manufacturer to keep your blender active. You could take care of it at home. How to sharpen ninja blender blades? It’s the most necessary skill for you to seize. If you become careless in sharpening the blades of your blender, you have to cost a lot. The fowling steps will aid you most in accomplishing such a critical task. You can act as the following rules to find an efficient blender for smoothie bowls.

How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades?

1. Disassemble the Blender

The first task is to separate all segments of the blender. If your blender doesn’t allow you to disassemble it, you couldn’t sharp the blade. Hence, you have to either purchase a new one or contact the manufacturer company. Most of the blenders allow detaching scope to make your blending process more straightforward. You have to disassemble the blender carefully- no need to unscrew anything forcibly. It can lead your blender to damage.

2. Clean Every Part of Blender

After parting the blender, you have to clean every part properly. Food items and other stuff reside on the blender.  And these can easily make your blender entirely out of order. Hence you have to clean the blender with much care.

3. Wash the Blade Carefully

You need extra care to wash the blade. To avoid any injury, you must put on a protective hand glove. Never grip the edge with your bare hand during the washing period. To remove all the residue items from the blade, you can use a brush. Besides, you can use safe chemicals to rescue the edge from rust.

4. Sharpen the Blender Blade

Now you’re on the core step. Wipe the blade with a piece of dry cloth before sharpening it. On top of a sharpening stone, you must position the blade. Also, try to keep the sharpest edge of the blade far from your body.

Then run the blade against the stone repeatedly.  After doing the same on one edge, turn over the blade and do similarly for the other edges. You must repeat the process until you find the blades thoroughly sharpened.

5. Put Everything Back Together

If you discover your blade has been sharper, you can quit the sharpening process. Now it’s time to put back together all the parts in order. Place everything precisely and screw the parts carefully. Before attaching the glass container, you have to ensure everything is locked.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Blades?

The blades are the crucial components of a blender. It performs blending with the assist of blades. If the blades become blunt, you won’t find the desired result. Hence it’s your paramount duty to clean the blades.

How to Clean Ninja Blender Blades

Remove the blades:

The blades are attached to the base of the blender. You have to detach the blades at first. Before removing the blades, never forget to unplug the blender. Besides, you must wear protective stuff to avoid any unexpected incident.

Keep the blades in a dishwasher:

The best way to wash a blade is to use a dishwasher. You can clean the blades without any risk with a dishwasher. In this case, you have to keep the blades in it with a moderate amount of water. You also can use a bowl or other things to wash the blades. But a dishwasher seems safe and comfortable.

Use the minimal amount of soap:

Now you can mix a decent amount of soap with the water. You can go for detergent as well to have neat and clean blades. Keep the blades with the mixed soap water for a few minutes. Let the soap or detergent work against the rust and food in the upper layer of the edges.

Scrub the blades:

Now keep scrubbing the blades with a brush or clothing. You have to scrub consistently until you find the blades wholly cleaned. Then use a dry cloth or towel to wipe the blades. Take time to get the blades dry before attaching.

Which Is the Best Ninja Blender to Buy?

A ninja blender is an integral part of our home. It’s used comprehensively to prepare some preferred food items. You will find a good collection of blenders out there. Which is the best one? We’ve picked the most effective blender for you below:

Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher 4in1 Smoothie Bowl Maker

Ninja SS201 Foodi Power Pitcher 4in1 Smoothie Bowl MakerYou will find the desired blending performance using this fantastic blender. It’s perfect for making smoothie bowls and crushing food. You will find excellent chopping and mixing performance with its total speed control. With the attachment of six preset auto-iQ programs, it has been handy for blending all items. Without stalling or stirring, you can run this blender at any speed.

The inclusion of a 1400-peak-watt motor makes it the most powerful blender in the market. Besides, the arrangement of five pieces of components always attracts the user to purchase it. You could clean it in a dishwasher with the utmost comfort. The attachment of cleaning brush, dough blade, chopping, and crushing blade puts it high in demand across the world.

It incorporates a 72-oz power pitcher to contain the maximum amount of liquid. With the stainless steel finish, it has been durable and reliable. Most notably, it can prepare 1.5 pounds of dough within only 45 seconds. It can take heavy food loads without any barrier. That’s why you should go for this best ninja blender on the first attempt.

Ninja SS201 Features:

  • It comes with a 1400 peak watt motor to deliver you the optimal blending performance.
  • You could control the speed and run it at any speed range without stalling.
  • With the six preset programs, it has been perfect for enjoying whatever you desire.
  • The attachment of some sharp blades and extensive pitcher makes it favorable to all.
  • You find it long-lasting using assurance as it comes with a stainless steel finish.


A ninja blender is an essential home appliance. It can prepare everything you want within a few minutes. It’s undeniable that you have to maintain your blender to find the same performance all along. In this case, your first and foremost duty is to sharpen the blades. How to sharpen ninja blender blades? You’ve found the appropriate procedure for sharpening and cleaning the blades. Hence you have to apply these rules practically to keep your blender maintained.

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