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Blenders are amazing appliances used to chop fruits to make tasty smoothies. The downside that arises in the usage of these appliances is when it comes to washing them. Washing these appliances by hand might be tricky. However, with the development of dishwashers, everything has been simplified at large.

Not all parts of Ninja blenders are safe when put into dishwashers. A few that go into the ninja blender dishwasher includes the lid and the pitcher. Other components like the blades are best hand-cleaned and allowed to dry before storing them. But then, is Ninja Blender Dishwasher safe? This article will answer this question and get you through how to use and clean this machine.

Is Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe?

A blender works diligently to chop different fruit to form tasty, delicious juices. But then, is Ninja blender dishwasher safe? Yes, these kitchen appliances can go into a dishwasher. However, it is recommended to wash the parts with warm soapy water. To increase shelf life it is better to put them in dishwashers.

How to Use Ninja Blender in the Dishwasher

The Ninja blender consists of two main components. This includes the motor base and the pitcher. Other components include the lid and blades. Not all these components are dishwasher safe. Ensure you go through the manual to ensure you wash the components as recommended by the owner. The motor consists of wires, and therefore, it should not be soaked in water. Wipe off the dirt on the motor using a clean cloth.

After washing your Ninja blender components, always ensure they dry up before storing them. This prevents extra wear on the components and thus increasing its life to serve you longer. Since blenders use electricity to operate, ensure the parts that house the wires are not soaked in water. This prevents electric shocks and other mishaps from happening when using the device.

How to Use Ninja Blender in the Dishwasher (Step-By-Step Guide)

The jar of a Ninja blender is made of a plastic material. It is washable in the dishwasher alike. Other components that are dishwasher safe are the lid, container base, and blades. Other parts that are not dishwasher safe are best hand-washed. Let’s look at how to use these blenders in the dishwasher step by step.

How to Use Ninja Blender in the Dishwasher

Unplug and Remove all Food Materials from it:

You will start the project by unplugging your ninja blender from the power source after use. Empty the Ninja blender cups all and all other food materials in it. This will make the cleaning process easy, as well as avoid any form of wastes.

Rinse the Cups and Jars:

Use simple water to rinse the cups and jars through. Ensure you wipe off all the food materials stuck on the surfaces of the jar. Take note that there are hidden materials in the edges of the jar. Ensure you clean through these points thoroughly.

Wash the Blade:

The blades of the Ninja blender are fragile. Separate them carefully from the jar and put them on the top part of the rack to wash them. Otherwise, you can hand wash them but be extra careful when washing them to avoid cuts from the sharp edges.

Clean the Base of the Motor:

The Motor is the primary component of this kitchen appliance. Food particles might settle on it and create a foul smell after some time. To avoid this, ensure to clean the base always after use. Use a wet clean cloth or tissue paper to wipe off all dirt on the motor base.

Allow the Pieces to Dry Before Storing :

After the cleaning process is complete, allow the parts time to dry up completely. Do this before joining them to their respective places or before you store them. The drying process of the components can be speeded up by wiping them using a dry cloth or towel. Drying up the parts prolongs the blender’s shelf life by avoiding any form of extra wear and tear.

Note: The parts that don’t go into a dishwasher are best hand-washed. Use warm soapy clean, fresh water to clean them alike. If you have enough time, you can still clean the dishwasher washable pieces by hand. This is the best way of increasing their shelf life.

How Do You Deep Clean a Ninja Blender?

It is important to maintain your Ninja blender to keep it effectively working over an extended period. Using dishwashers to clean a Ninja blender is easy and most convenient at large. They assure owners a thorough clean-up of the appliance than being hand-washed.

How Do You Deep Clean a Ninja Blender

However, disconnecting all parts to wash them separately can be a waste of time at times. You can use other methods to carry out the cleanup exercise even without pulling the parts apart. This is referred to as deep cleaning the blender. Let’s gain knowledge how to deep clean your Ninja blender.

If you plan to deep clean a Ninja blender, you require half a cup of vinegar and two cups of warm water. Form a mixture of these ingredients for about 30 seconds. This is the easiest way of cleaning the Ninja blender without necessarily pulling the components apart.

During the clean-up process, you ensure the component where there are wire connections is not soaked in water. For these parts, use a clean cloth to wipe off all the dirt that might be attached to them. Otherwise, you will experience an electric shock if you use it while the wires have water traces.


Is Ninja Blender Dishwasher safe? The Ninja blender and cups are all dishwashers safe. However, there is a need to read the user manual before putting the dishwasher’s blender components. Besides this, always stay careful when separating the parts of your Ninja blender.

Also prevent wired components from getting contact with water. Parts that are not dishwasher safe are best hand-washed. Maintaining your Ninja blender clean is the best way of prolonging its shelf life and effectiveness. Enjoy tasty and delicious smoothies from your Ninja Blender.

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