Is Really Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe?

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The Ninja blender is one of the most sought-after blenders in the market. The main reason being its magic capacity that aids in pureeing, mixing, whipping, emulsifying, and liquefying. You can use this incredible kitchen appliance to make salad dressings, milkshakes, smoothies, and pureed soups.

While this blender can offer all the merits it does, one may freeze at the idea of cleaning it, especially if it’s your personal blender for frozen fruit. You know how challenging washing blenders can be. But the question is: is really ninja blender dishwasher safe? It is safe; no wonder why many people invest in it. 

Is Really Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe?

Is really ninja blender dishwasher safe? If this is the question that has been giving you sleepless nights, this article is for you. You will learn the techniques of washing a Ninja blender, and though that you will understand that its dishwasher is entirely safe. It makes cleaning the blender easier and done quite fast. If you were having second thoughts about not buying a Ninja blender because you thought washing it is a challenge, you would be surprised at how easy it is.

Is Really Ninja Blender Dishwasher Safe

If you have a dishwasher, you are on the safe side because cleaning most of its parts is a walk in the park. When using a dishwasher, ensure your Ninja blender is unplugged to prevent any injuries. It wouldn’t be wise to have a blender that you cannot use a dishwasher when cleaning. You will only end up ruining your blender. However, you should never place a Ninja blender base into the dishwasher; it is not safe.

How To Use A Ninja Blender In The Dishwasher?

Gone are the days when cleaning a blender seemed a daunting task. You will be amazed at how fast you can clean this kitchen appliance by using the dishwasher to clean your blender. To use a Ninja blender in the dishwasher, follow these simple steps:

How to Use a Ninja Blender in the Dishwasher

  • Before using the blender in the dishwasher, ensure it is unplugged from the power source. This is to avoid any accidents occurring linked to electricity.
  • All food materials should be carefully and correctly removed from the ninja blender to guarantee a thorough cleaning process.
  • Next is disassembling the blender. Do this by separating the jar from the rest of the other parts. 
  • Now place the lid and the blades in the dishwasher and choose the cycle. At this point, you can go on with your activities as you give the dishwasher time to self-clean.
  • Use soapy water and a sponge to clean the jar. Clean the inside well, removing all dirt, then rinse thoroughly. Ensure the outside is also cleaned.
  • The base cannot be washed in the dishwasher because of its electrical components that should never be submerged in water. Use a wet cloth to clean the base while removing food particles that can lead to a foul smell.
  • Back to the dishwasher. Once it’s done, dry every component and reassemble your ninja blender.
  • You can now place it aside for the next use.

How To Clean The Ninja Blender?

A ninja blender is a significant kitchen appliance that can make a huge difference in your home. Nevertheless, to ensure that it gives you excellent service, you must maintain it properly. This entails keeping it clean at all times, especially after every use. This is how to do that.

How To Clean The Ninja Blender

Step 1:

  • Get some warm water, fill it halfway in the ninja blender, and add some dish detergent drops.
  • Next, you need to turn the blender on, but you have to make sure it’s adjusted to low power. 
  • Let it blend for a minute before pouring the mixture.  Rinse again with warm water to eliminate particles stuck on the blender.

Step 2:

Unplug the ninja blender from the power and disassemble by removing all the parts keenly. Take precautions by dismantling the right way to prevent injuries and damage. Let the base remain sealed.

Step 3:

At this step, start by cleaning the cylinder by using warm soapy water and a dishrag. Wash keenly while taking great precaution when cleaning the edges to ensure you don’t leave behind any dirt. Clean the outer side also then clean your cylinder with running water. In case you notice that the cylinder has some stubborn stains, don’t fret. Mix baking soda and vinegar and use it to soak the cylinder for not less than three hours. Once clean, rinse with running water.

Step 4:

Get all the small pieces and clean them. Be careful with the blades, for they may injure you considering how sharp they are. Clean the cutting edge and unscrew the blades also for thorough cleaning. Once clean, rinse every part with running water.

Step 5:

Now that every part of the blender is clean allow the pieces to dry on a drying rack. Give them time to dry completely before assembling to ensure no room is left for bacteria’s growth due to condensation.

Step 6:

As you might have noticed, we have not yet cleaned the base. To do that, get some soapy water and soak in a towel, then squeeze it well till it’s damp. Use the wet towel to clean the ninja blender’s base removing any liquid and other food particles. Pay special attention to the corners where dirt can hide and repeat the process until the entire base is thoroughly clean. Use a dry towel to dry the base completely. 

Step 7:

Now that your Ninja blender is entirely clean, it is time to reassemble it. If you are unsure which part goes where follow the user manual provided, it has all the guidelines. Once you have reassembled, keep it aside for the next use.

Frequently Asked Question

Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions that normally arise from users of a ninja blender or owners to be.

Can I use my ninja blender as a food processor?

Absolutely! This is because a ninja blender is designed for many purposes, and food processing is one of them.

Can a ninja blender grind coffee beans?

Yes, it can enable you to enjoy your cup of coffee any time you want to. 

Can a ninja blender be used as a food processor?

A ninja blender is multi-functional; that is why you can use it as a food processor, among other functionalities.

How long should a Ninja Blender last?

A ninja blender can last up to one year with regular use, but only if proper care is maintained.

Final Verdict

As an aspiring ninja blender owner or an aspiring one, you may ask yourself, is really ninja blender dishwasher safe? The good news is it is. Cleaning your blender in the dishwasher is convenient and very fast. You can go about your business as the dishwasher cleans the components of the blender without your supervision.

A ninja blender is an essential kitchen appliance that can be found in most homes. What seems challenging is cleaning it, but with a dishwasher, you can rest easy. Please make use of your blender without worrying about cleaning it. Leave that to the dishwasher; the results will amaze you.

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