Juicing vs Blending for Weight loss: Which Is Right for You 2020

The choice of whether to do Juicing vs Blending for Weight loss when dieting still remains a debate to many people. Blenders and juicers are widespread everywhere and as people are contemplating on which type of a jar to buy, it is important to know the health benefits and implications of each of them. Blender for smoothies are known to be good for fresh vegetables and fruits.

When juicing, you are removing the fiber from the fruits and vegetables so that you remain with only juice. With blending, you masticate all the contents, fiber plus the juice in the fruits so remain with a thick porridge, like substance.

Juicing Vs Blending For Weight Loss: Key Differences

Having questions about Juicing vs Blending for Weight loss. Here is a detailed explanation about the various sections that are important to your health. You will know whether to get a blender or a blender for juices. 

Juicing vs Blending for Weight loss


  • Juicing-when you juice, all the nutrients and vitamins are immensely harvested. The nutrients are mainly found in the juice of the fruit and vegetables. You, therefore, get a lot of nutrients even when you drink a small amount of the juice.
  • Blending-when blending, you masticate even the pulp and the fibers. This means you only get a lot of fiber but not a lot of nutrients. The fiber just increases the volume of the smoothie but doesn’t carry any nutritional value.

Ease of Digestion:

  • Juices are easy to digest because they don’t contain the fiber content from the fruits. You only get readily absorbable vitamins that can be absorbed without your gut struggling. 
  • Fiber-rich smoothies are wonderful because they increase the rate of digestion in the stomach. The fiber is what increases the digestion rate not just for the smoothies but also for other foods. In both juices and smoothies, you get the beta carotene that reduces cancer and increases blood plasma levels 

Fiber Content:

  • In juicing, there is no fiber content. The fiber is where the juice is extracted from and left as a residue in the juicing machines. You only remain with the fluid to drink.
  • Smoothies have a lot of fiber that’s why they are thicker than the juices. Fiber is necessary for digestion and also prevention of constipation 


  • In juices, antioxidants are present based on the fruit used. The juice made from Pomegranate has more antioxidants compared to the juice of any other fruits. 
  • Smoothies are also rich in antioxidants and they have more quantity than juices. When the juicer extracts the juice, it leaves some antioxidants on the fibers. This makes smoothies to be the best source of antioxidants.

Absorption of Sugar:

  • Juices have readily absorbable sugars that your body can directly take without digestion. This means if you drink a lot of juice, you can raise your blood sugar to an extreme level. 
  • Smoothies, on the other hand, have sugars but they need to be digested before they could be absorbed into your bloodstream. For this reason, sugar content in smoothies is always low in availability. 


  • When it comes to juicing, you will always have to check the calories. You may be vigilant not to include a lot of calories in the juices but it is not sustainable in the long run. Juices will always have plenty of sugar for you.

Juicing Vs Blending For Weight Loss: Which Is Better?

Blending is always better for weight loss because it offers natural sugars that are easily broken down into glucose for body utilization. Juices are full of excess sugars that are stored in the body in the form of fats and as a result, people gain a lot of weight. Juices contain readily available sugars while smoothies have sugars that need to be digested for the body to benefit from them. 

Final Verdict

from the information above, it’s clear that smoothies are good for weight loss. This means having a blender to make smoothies is the best option.  If you want to know which is the better option between Juicing vs Blending for Weight loss, smoothies are always the best. They contain fiber which makes the stomach feel full thereby making you not eat a lot. The fiber also helps in digestion and you obtain nutrients at optimal levels.

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