Best Ninja QB1004 Reviews & How To Use in 2021

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The Ninja Prep Master Blender one of the most favorite blenders I have ever had. I use this pretty and compact blender for a long day with satisfaction, it’s the star of my kitchen. It can do everything I need for endeavors creative culinary while facilitating the creation in my favorite kitchen. This compact blender can do blending, mixing, chopping, even food processing. I write this Ninja QB1004 Review because most users will find it beneficial, as I did.

This Ninja blender is most popular due to its affordability, high-quality performance, and range of usage. It helps to simplify my food mixture and grind processes what I usually do in my kitchen. This blender allows me to try new things without much stress, and I’m delighted with it.

Best Ninja QB1004 Reviews 2021

I found this Ninja blender very satisfying and able to reduce the time spent chopping vegetables and fruits. Read this Ninja QB1004 Review to learn more about its features, capability. Also, other information that you should know before getting this blender.

Ninja QB1004 Review

Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base, 48oz Pitcher, 16oz Chopper Bowl

The Ninja QB1004 MasterPrep is a multitasking food processor that comes with an elegant black design. Its portable and durable design easily fits in any kitchen or small countertop. Its inverted design works efficiently and can crush any hard to soft fruits and vegetables.Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base, 48oz Pitcher, 16oz Chopper Bowl

Main Features

Below I mentioned these blenders’ main features and tried to explain why it will benefit you. You’ll understand these features, and they are useful if you want a versatile blender.

Motor Power & Speeds:

This Ninja QB1004 comes with an inverted motor design. The motor is top-mounted for convenience, unlike the traditional blender or food processor. Its 450w Power Motor Head is very powerful and able to move multi-layered blades very efficiently. This interchangeable motor needs 160Hz electrical force and on 120V.

Also, Pulse speeds technology enables users ultimate speed control with a simple chrome pulsing button.


Most users choose this blender for smoothie bowls, which can make different types of smoothies with ease. Besides, it comes with three bowls for mixing, blending, and chopping. The chopper bowl and processor bowl capacity respectively 16 oz (2 cups), 40 oz (5 cups). Also, the pitcher capacity is  48 oz (6 cups) for perfect frozen blending.

Noise and Space:

I am completely surprised that this ninja blender is amazingly quiet!! When I tested this blender with other blenders at home, this one is quietest. It doesn’t produce loud, crashing noises; instead, I noticed a smooth whizzing of the blades, which is not much loud.

The portable blenders standing height is 29.5 centimeter, and the width is 18.5 centimeter. It takes minimal space on a countertop. You’ll be able to store this compact blender between your counter and cabinet.

Capable of crushing ice:

This blender’s powerful motor and strong blade can crush ice into smoothie snow in less than 60 seconds. Its multi-practical capacities work efficiently and rapidly, which can crush fruits into a creamy and delicious smoothie.

Extra Accessories:

The Ninja blender comes with everything it needs to make your food preparation awesome. Its pack includes a 450-watt power pod, 6 oz. Chopper Bowl,  48 oz. Pitcher, 40 oz. Processor bowl. Also, two splash guard and storage lids.


  • BPA-free food grade construction.
  • Versatile with a powerful motor.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Container has non-skid rubber.


  • Mixing lids are hard to clean.

How to Use Ninja Blender?

Ninja QB1004 Prep Master blender is user-friendly thus easier to operate. You should follow the below steps to know the proper usage of this ninja blender:

Step 1: Place the blender on a clean and level surface; make sure the place is dry and near the power outlet. Hold the blade by the shaft and place it onto the spindle pin inside the blender.

Step 2: If you successfully placed the blade inside the bowl, now add the ingredients of your food or smoothie you want. Place the splash guard on the top of the pitcher. Now place the powerhead on the top of the pitcher splash.

Step 3: Now plug the power cord carefully into a 120V electrical outlet. Tightly apprehend the powerhead towards the surface before pressing the pulse button. You will find the button at the top of the powerhead.

Step 4: Hold the pitcher firmly while the motor is running to ensure the blender stays in place. Keep in mind that do not conduct this blender for more than 15 seconds incessantly. If you need a long time operation, do it slowly.

Step 5: To stop this blender, move the finger from the On/Off pulse button. If your food is ready, you can remove the splash guard and blade, empty the bowl and enjoy your food. But before that, confirm your motor and blade are stopped completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the below section to learn about some commonly asked questions about Ninja QB1004:

Are ninja blender dishwashers safe?

Yes, ninja blenders are dishwashers safe; you can easily clean them using a dishwasher for fast and convenient cleaning.

Can a ninja blender grind coffee beans?

Yes, the ninja blender’s powerful motor is powerful enough to grind coffee beans with ease.

Can ninja blenders crush ice?

Yes, the ninja blender’s powerful motor and blades are robust and able to crush ice. It can crush frozen fruits into the snow to make a delicious smoothie.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, there is no denying that Ninja QB1004 is very effective and fast. It’s powerful and durable built can ensure a long-lasting service with this compact and affordable blender. If you read this Ninja QB1004 Review carefully, you know how useful this blender is!

Moreover, if you want a reinforcement blender, you must consider the Ninja Blender/Food Processor. Its consistent mixing ability will reduce the difficulty of making dips, sauces, and drinks. If you love smoothies and want a blender that needs less assembling and cleaning, go for it.

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