Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro: Which is Better for you in 2021?

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In a world where technology continues to thrive, more and better blenders continue to be produced. Nutribullet is a very common brand in the blender industry. Not only do they produce quality blenders but also juicers. Choosing between the Nutribullet Prime and Nutribullet Pro can be adamant.

These are two of Nutribullet’s best products with varying sources of appeal. They turn fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies. However, there are a few areas in which they differ.

We will cover them deeply to help you decide the most suitable for your needs. You need more comprehensive information on both blenders than just price and motor speed to make a sound choice. This Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro review is designed to guide you. Remember, you can always find the best blender for milkshakes.

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Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro: Main Differences

We will compare various aspects of nutribullet prime vs pro so that you can get a better understanding.  These tips will help you decide which model to pick.

Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro

1. Price

If you want to know if they give you value for the money, the answer is yes, they both do. As we compare these two blenders’ prices, remember that price is often proportionate to quality. They are priced differently, and their performance, quality, and capacity perfectly explain the price variation. You pay more for the Nutribullet Prime but still, get the best value for the money with it.

Nutribullet Prime:

The Nutribullet Prime is the one that is priced higher between the two blenders, costing 129.95 dollars on amazon. The higher price is justifiable, considering that it is more innovatively built and performs better. Though it costs more than the pro 900, it is still better priced.

Nutribullet Pro:

The price of Nutribullet Pro makes it a favorite among buyers on a budget. It costs 79.99 dollars on amazon. However, there are various ways to surpass its competitors within the same price range thanks to its quality construction. You get to enjoy blending and drinking delicious juice with just a little cost to incur.

2. Motor speed

Both blenders are influential performers but in their different abilities, with Nutribullet Prime coming out as the one with a more powerful and faster motor. This one of the areas in which the difference is more apparent. However, the difference is slight, but the Nutribullet Prime still processes ingredients a little bit faster.

Nutribullet Prime:

This blender has a 1000 watts motor, powerful enough for most blending applications. That means it can crush even tough components such as seeds. The motor automatically shuts off after the blender has achieved optimum extraction. This motor makes the blender faster than the competing blender.

Nutribullet Pro:

The blender boasts a 900-watt motor with an excellent blending performance. The motor boasts a high torque power base that enhances its productivity. This motor is super-fast and can make cyclonical action, though not as fast and powerful as Nutribullet Prime. The difference between these two blenders’ motor powers is minimal, so the motor is not the best area to use for comparison.

3. Blade

Both blenders share a lot in common with their blades. This is one of the most similar parts, even though their blades are slightly different. For instance, both blenders come with single extractor blades. That means they both lack the milling blade, which is found in some Nutribullet blenders.

Nutribullet Prime:

The Nutribullet prime blender features stainless steel extractor blades designed to maximize cutting ability. This makes them perfect for cutting down all sorts of vegetables and fruits. The blend can cut seeds, stems, and tough skin to keeping the juice more nutritious.

Nutribullet Pro:

The Nutribullet pro blender uses heavy stainless steel extractor blades well suited for cutting and smoothening. The edges are strong and cut powerfully so that they can break down hard objects. The blades are also durable and perform just as effective and efficient as those of the Nutribullet Prime.

4. Key Feature

Generally, the Nutribullet Prime based feels and looks the same as the Nutribullet Pros. They both have simple, compact designs with no controls at all. Both blenders do not have speed settings or other controls, which makes them simple to use. Similarly, you turn them on and off the same way.

Nutribullet Prime:

From the high torque motor to its large blending capacity, this blender is feature-packed. If you do not direct the blender in 60 seconds, the motor stops automatically. The timed blending shut-off is only present in this blender and not the other. The Prime has suction cups to its bottom, which is very lovely.

Nutribullet Pro:

This blender is the most popular between the two. It has the perfect combination of a high-speed motor and rigid glass. Together, the features make it possible for this blender to break down even the most challenging parts of vegetables and fruits without any hassle.

5. Blending ingredients

Beth blenders are suited for the basic blending tasks even though the Nutribullet Prime can handle more ingredients than the Pro. The Pro can be just enough if you do not need to use your blender for other kneading dough tasks.

Nutribullet Prime:

This blender powers through vegetables and fruits quickly, making a concoction that is very nutritious and tasty. It is so powerful it can cut and breakthrough almost any fruit and vegetable and liquefy various foods in a matter of seconds. It can also handle the tough seeds, stems, and outer layers.

Nutribullet Pro:

This blender is better suited for basic blending tasks and not anything too serious. It performs better when blending wet ingredients but drags its feet if the ingredients are too dry. This blender cannot even knead the dough. Likewise, it would be best if you did not use it to process hot food and liquid.

6. Cleaning method

Both of these blenders are very easy to clean. Cleaning the blender manually is easy. The cleaning method for both the Nutribullet Prime and Nutribullet Pro is almost the same, whether you wash them manually or in a dishwasher.

Nutribullet Prime:

You need soapy water to clean this blender. You can soak it first in the water if the particles dried up in the machine so that they become difficult to wash right away. Even if you use the device to clean the blender parts, remember that the appliance cannot clean the blade. Scrub the parts in soapy water and rinse under running water.

Nutribullet Pro:

Cleaning this blender is nearly as easy as cleaning the first one. Anybody can clean it to perfection with just a few steps. You can dismantle the blender by putting off the blades and other parts in seconds and clean it up in a few minutes. Wash them in soapy water by scrubbing with a soft cloth. Then rinse them under clean running water.

Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro: Which Should You Buy?

Nutribullet Prime still stands to be the best because it has more innovative features, even though Nutribullet Pro remains the most popular blender. Though it is more expensive than the Nutribullet Pro, it comes with lots of unique features that make it more versatile than the Pro and make it more reliable for most contemporary kitchens. So, if you have the money or if you have a large family, Prime would be the better option in this case.

If you need a blender just for the necessary blending, the Nutribullet Pro can do just fine. This blender is also an acceptable option for those people on a budget. However, the Nutribullet Prime still stands out as the overall best between these two blenders. The 100 watts motor gives it more power, and the jar also features a high capacity.

Final Verdict

The Nutribullet blenders are more famous than any of their other products. The number of users who love them continues to grow every day, with these two comings out as the favorites to many of those users. The Nutribullet Prime is a solid personal blender with qualities that make it better than some more expensive blenders.

It shuts off automatically after one minute of inactivity or after the smoothie is smooth enough. Likewise, the Pro stands out in many ways, beating most of its competitions in plenty of areas. Now that you know more about the two blenders, we hope this Nutribullet Prime Vs Pro helps you solve the dilemma.

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