9 Types of Blenders You Should Know About 2021

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Mixing fruits and vegetables at home is easy when you have a blender. It is a perfect appliance for preparing delicious smoothies, sauces, juices, and mixing food. Various types of blenders vary in their use, design, blade, and speed.

You need to understand these types to help you pick the most suitable blender. We have discussed some blender types you should know about to make your work less confusing.

Types of Blenders

Blenders come in different types to suit your needs. It is great to do determine how you want to use your blender to get a perfect machine. The following are some types of blenders that you should consider buying.

Types of Blenders

Hand Mixer:

This is a type of blender that features different attachments. It is mainly used to bet ingredients for desserts and baking. Hand mixers are lightweight and easy to use. They make tasks like whipping eggs simply.

Countertop Kitchen Blender:

If you intend to blend thicker and bulk mixtures, then you need a kitchen blender. These blenders have a huge capacity and provide versatile use. Additionally, they have parts to clean, and you can adjust the speed depending on what you are blending.

Single-Serve Blenders:

These are personal blenders available in different sizes. Most of them feature a single or double serve. The blenders have a unique design and are best suited for making smoothies. On top of that, they are great for preparing baby food. Hand blenders are compact and powerful to cut frozen fruits or ice. Additionally, their compact design makes it easy to carry and also takes less space on your countertop.

Portable Blenders:

If you enjoy your smoothie while on the go, a portable blender is the right one to pick. Do not confuse these blenders with personal blenders, which are for single serves. Portable blenders feature a clear glass tube, and the bottom part contains the motor.

They are lightweight and small hence easy to transport. Therefore, you can carry them to the office or gym to enjoy your favorite protein shakes or smoothies. If you would also like to make baby food while on the go, these are perfect blenders for you.

Immersion Blenders:

This type of blender works perfectly for electric blends, nut butter, yogurt, veggies, and protein powders. Using them is pretty simple because you need to pour your ingredients into the mason jar and then push the machine to the bottom to begin mixing your ingredients. These blenders are easy to clean since they don’t have many parts to remove.

Stand Mixers:

These mixers are mostly used in making cake batters. They have different attachments, which make them versatile in the kitchen. So, if you are serious about baking, a stand mixer should be on your top list. They are powerful to help you make a heavy dough. Additionally, they feature variable speeds to help you mix properly.

Commercial Blenders:

If your concern is all about power, then get a commercial blender. These are powerful machines designed for heavy-duty blending. They are suitable for people who prepare larger dips or make iced drinks and smoothies once per day.

Blender Combo:

If you want to get different functionalities in one machine, then consider a blender combo. These systems combine various functions like mixing, blending, and food processing. They are suitable for professionals and people who want to save money and space on your counter. You can make frozen cocktails, juice extracts, or dough with these blenders. 

Thermal Blender:

This is an amazing type that not only blends but also cooks. They are perfect for various tasks like cooking soup, kneading dough, and preparing frozen desserts. These blenders can be expensive to acquire, but they are worth the investment. They also save you more space in your kitchen since you don’t need to buy different appliances.

How to Use Blender Machine?

Using a blender the right way can be confusing, especially if it is new to you. However, after a few practices, it will be easy to master everything. You need to know how to use a blender the right way to get the best outcome. Here are some tips that you should follow.

Connect to a power source- Before you use a blender, ensure it is connected to a power source. Keep your hands dry whenever you are handling electrical appliances.

Remove the lid and pour the ingredients- Chop your ingredients into smaller pieces to blend. If you are blending solids like bananas, add some liquid that covers the solid. 

Cover the lid- Once you pour your ideal ingredients, close the lid, and hold it tightly. Always blend when the lid is closed to avoid splashing or to cause messes on your floor and walls.

Switch the blender on- At this stage, you are ready to blend. Choose the desired speed setting, depending on what you are blending.

Pour your content- Your solution is now ready. Pour it into a container or jag for consumption. Clean your blender to keep it ready for next time use.

Things to avoid:

  • Do not pour boiling or bot items because they can break the blender.
  • Don’t grind tough beef.
  • Avoid kneading the dough with your blender. 
  • Do not extract juice without the right setting.

How to Choose a Blender?

If you are buying a blender for the first time, you need to understand some essential features to consider. These machines vary a lot, depending on the brand and its purpose. I have some essential tips that will guide you in picking the right blender.


How do you intend to use the blender? This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you need a blender for preparing frozen drinks and smoothies, get one with up to 500 watts. These blenders come in different sizes to suit your needs.

On the other hand, if you need it for chopping and grinding tasks, you should pick a blender equipped with a chopping blade. You can also pick a standard blender that can serve various functions like mixing, blending, stirring, and pureeing. 

Type of Jar:

It is essential to think about the type of jar you want for your blender. You can either choose a glass, plastic or stainless steel jar depending on your liking. High-end blenders feature glass jars, while other budget models feature plastic jars.

Stainless steel blender jars and durable and have a higher price tag. They are perfect for frozen mixtures since they remain cold longer. The downfall of these types of jars is you can see the inside unless you open the lid.

Regardless of the type of jar you pick, ensure that it has a curved pouring spout to make serving easy. Blender jars with a flat design can be hard to use, and they are also messy.

Size of Motor:

Selecting the right motor size depends on how you want to use your blender. An average kitchen blender should have a motor size ranging from 300 watts to 600 watts. You can also and other powerful blenders with up to 1300 watts. 

Variable Speed:

Apart from the motor, you should also consider if the blender has variable speed. A quality blender should allow you to start blending at a low speed and then gradually increase the speed without stressing the motor too much. Variable speed also allows you to add your ingredients you don’t prefer liquidized when you are almost blending. 

Blades and Drive Socket:

The best blenders feature stainless steel blades and drive sockets. Blenders with plastic blades don’t last long, and replacing the drive socket can be expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are glass blenders better than plastic?

The type of blender jar does not affect blending performance or efficiency. However, many people love glass blenders because they are clear, look nice, and heavier. Plastic jars can get scratched with frequent use; hence blending might not be smooth.

How long should you run a blender?

You should run a blender for about 3 minutes. However, this will depend on what you are blending. For instance, if you are blending a hard material, you can take more time than soft materials.

How many watts is good for a blender?

If you need a quality countertop blender, pick one with about 500 watts. Such a blender provides sufficient power needed for blending and mixing food.

Final Thought

Make your work in the kitchen easier with the best blender. We have given you a rundown of the types of blenders available, how to choose the right, and how to use a blender correctly. 

With all this information, selecting a top blender should not be troublesome anymore. We hope you will find a powerful and versatile blender for making soups, smoothies, chopping, and dicing.

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